Saturday, March 7, 2015

About last night

Hey Guys!

So, as I promised, I'm writing about my last night.

Yesterday I just wanted to have some fun so I called my friend to go out and drink some alcohol. I really felt to drink to forget this very busy week that I've had. Sometimes it happens. I know a girl should keep it classy but I don't care :)

We went to a club, next to my flat. Ordered some shots and beer and talked about casual things, mostly about his problem with his girlfriend. (Anyway... is it something in the air? Most of my friends have some problem with their relationship...) Then I went to the restroom... the beer made its effect... haha :)

When I entered, the was a girl, she was drunk as I could see it from the first second. She was standing in front of the mirror and doing her make up. I was standing next to her and suddenly she just turned to me and gave me a kiss. But not just a simple one. It was really a hot one. First, I didn't know what to do, it happened so fast I couldn't even say a word. But... to be honest it felt good... She just stormed out the restroom and I didn't know anything about her.

When I went back to our table, I was searching for her, I wanted to ask her why she kissed me, but I couldn't find her.

So we were sitting there at the table and were talking when I realised the girl at the bar. I went up to her and said "hi stranger". She was smiling and asked me if I enjoyed her kiss. I told her I had done.

Then she went to her friends. It was interesting and weird at the same time. BUT: When I got home I could find a paper in my packet with her number :) So... maybe I'll call her one day... :)

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