Wednesday, February 25, 2015

15 funny quotes about sex from famous women

Shall I say anything more? :)

  1. "So I'm licking jelly off my boyfriend and all of a sudden, I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, I'm turning into my mother.'" Sarah Silverman
  2. "It's work having a vagina. Guys don't think that it's work but it is. You think it shows up like that to the event? It doesn't. Every night it's like getting it ready for its first Quinceanera, believe me." —Amy Schumer
  3. "As I get older, I just prefer to knit." ―Tracey Ullman
  4. "Good sex is like good bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand." ―Mae West
  5. "You could put a blond wig on a hot-water heater and some dude would try to f**k it." —Tina Fey
  6. "We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation." ―Lily Tomlin
  7. "If you wear a short enough skirt, the party will come to you." ―Dorothy Parker
  8. "Usually I'm on top to keep the guy from escaping." —Lisa Lampanelli
  9. "In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind." —Nora Ephron
  10. "I have a rule, and that is to never look at somebody's face while we're having sex; because, number one, what if I know the guy?" —Laura Kightlinger
  11. "The only time a woman has a true orgasm is when she's shopping." —Joan Rivers
  12. "No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor." ―Betty Friedan
  13. "Women fake orgasms and men fake finances." ―Suze Orman
  14. "I think we can all agree that sleeping around is a great way to meet people." —Chelsea Handler
  15. "My boyfriend and I live together, which means we don't have sex—ever. Now that the milk is free, we've both become lactose intolerant." —Margaret Cho

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My first professional photoshoot

Hey guys!

Today I had my first professional photoshoot ever! I was really happy to say yes to my friend who's a photographer. I really hope you like these pictures!  - feeling proud :) Kisses :)

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Let's go waterfall jumping!

Is waterfall jumping a real thing? Apparently so. Enough for Outside magazine’s website to let me write a trend piece about it.
I’ve long been a fan of Outside and actually pay for a subscription. As the print world business model has continued to decline and the online publishing world is increasingly more cluttered by listicles and linkbait, I’ve come to love them even more. They still do investigative long-form journalism. They pursue odd stories and dedicate 10,000 words to them. They’re not afraid to turn over the rocks nobody else is looking at, or buck conventional wisdom about what’s good for your body.

The place I did it is featured in that article, along with others ranging from Arizona to the Caribbean to Central America to Ireland even. There are other destinations where you can do this in the Balkans, in Hawaii, and probably other unknown spots where the tour operator doesn’t have a website so nobody knows about it.
As mentioned in the article, it is strongly advised to do this with a tour company. They’ll give you a helmet, a life jacket, and instructions on where the water is deep enough for jumping from 40 feet up in the air. When it comes to serious adventure activities that look really scary, it’s usually not a good idea to just wing it on your own.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Having fun yesterday

Hi guys!

I hope you had a fantastic night yesterday and you had sweet dreams.

What about me?

Well, yesterday I went out with my girlfriends to have some fun at a local bar and it was amazing. Unfortunatelly I haven't seem them for a while so it was the time to gather again and just share our thoughts. Of course we drank some shots (mostly vodka since it's one of my favourite drinks) and we were chatting.

What kind of parties do you prefer? For me, the best ones are those where we can drink and chat. Of course sometimes I want to dance as well but I prefer going out and just sittin around a table with some drink and chatting.

I'm really curious about your habit! Tell me in a comment.

Oh, and of course, here's a picture about us :) I love that red dress. Opinion? :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Top 5 first date idea

Hey guys! Are you in trouble with chosing the best place for a date?
Here's the top 5 first date idea to have a good time together:)

  • Number 5:

Bowling is an old-school date idea with a great casual vibe. The two of you can have a beer or a slice of pizza while engaging in a friendly competition. Just about every town has a bowling alley. It’s a low-stress environment, so your date is guaranteed to feel relaxed and comfortable, which is important. If she’s comfortable, she’ll have more fun, and if she’s having fun, you’ll get a second date.

  • Number 4:

Aquariums aren't just for fourth-grade field trips; they're also a great place for a first date. You can walk leisurely with your lady friend as the two of you survey all of the sea life. And underwater creatures are colorful, slimy, toothy, and weird enough to keep things interesting.

  • Number 3:

Taking a date to the driving range is another fun outdoors activity. It’s not particularly strenuous, though, so your date doesn’t need to be athletic to have a good time. The driving range makes a great daytime date. It’s also a good first date idea because if she’s not a golfer, helping her with her swing is a great opportunity to get up close and personal. Alternatively, if she’s a little more experienced, it’s a chance for some playful competition.

  • Number 2:

Ice-skating is innocent fun. That’s why it makes this list of our favorite first date ideas. It’s a great date for women who love to be active. And if she doesn’t know how to skate, so what? Holding hands as you help her stay on her feet is a fun way to spend an afternoon and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other.

  • Number 1:

Sharing new experiences together is a great way to build a connection with someone. That’s why if you’re going to take her out to a restaurant, you should try taking her somewhere a little more adventurous. Check out a new ethnic cuisine -- something neither of you have tried before. The element of adventure will add some excitement to your date, and, who knows, maybe the two of you will find a new favorite.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Easter Bunny

Easter is coming.... are you ready for it?

Then here's a little preview :)

50 shades of grey - no, thanks

When Francis Ford Coppola adapted The Godfather he mined Mario Puzo’s schlock novel for all the drama and emotion he could find. Many film adaptations of terrible popular novels go for this approach, attempting to elevate the material. Far fewer go the other way, embracing the silliness and the celebrating the lack of quality, camping it up. Fifty Shades of Grey is, for the first thirty or so minutes, one of these, a movie that seems kind of embarrassed by the source material and treats it all like a romp. And then it gets into the back half where suddenly all of the stilted dialogue and unsexy sex become Very Serious Business, and a modern camp classic collapses.

Fifty Shades of Grey is based on a smut novel that in turn evolved out of Twilight fan fiction. In other words its pedigree is flawlessly lowbrow - almost no one can mount a defense that this is more than junk. Which is okay, and when the movie embraces that junkiness I found myself very, very entertained. It certainly helps that Dakota Johnson, playing Anastasia Steele, is wonderfully watchable. She’s funny and sly, and she pumps up this one-dimensional nothing character into someone you actually like and care about. But Johnson is saddled with Jamie Dornan as her co-lead, and he has all the charisma of a clearcut forest. He’s playing a villain, and he never makes Christian Grey feel like someone you’d want to share an elevator with, let alone make out with him in there.
Anastasia is a college senior who, through circumstance, ends up interviewing young billionaire Christian Grey for her school paper. The two click and he begins pursuing her through extravagant and controlling means. As they get closer we learn two things: Anastasia is a virgin (like, on every level) and Christian is an enormous pervert. The plot of the film, such as it is, is Christian trying to convince Anastasia to allow him to tie her up and whip her and stuff.
There are almost no other incidents or plotlines beyond this. Other characters appear - Christian’s family, Anastasia’s family - but they advance nothing, and exist only to pad out the already punishing runtime. Once the brief courtship between Anastasia and Christian ends the movie becomes a repetitive sequence of scenes where the dominant pervert tries to make the unsure virgin his submissive. This is accomplished by her asking him questions, to which he responds. Repeat. In the most immortal line of the movie she asks him what a buttplug is - which is funny not only because it comes up as they are going over a contract that outlines what she’s willing to do sexually, an already funny scenario, but also because you’d think a buttplug’s name is fairly self-explanatory. The girl is an English lit major - surely she can make it out through context clues.
The lack of incident or compelling character sequences wouldn’t be so bad if the film’s sex was particularly sexy, but it isn’t. And there isn’t much of it, and what there is doesn’t feel incredibly taboo. There’s some tie and tease stuff, some ice cubes and blindfolds, but it isn’t until the very end when this BDSM movie gets to the SM stuff, and even that feels weak. Maybe the original consumers of the Fifty Shades of Grey novel didn’t have particularly big worldviews, but anybody who has been on the internet for more than a few weeks will have seen crazier things. I’d say most people who have had healthy, experimental sex lives have probably tried crazier things than what’s shown inFifty Shades of Grey. There’s a scene where Anastasia is Googling “submissives” and finds pictures of women who are bound and is HORRIFIED, and I cannot imagine that a 21 year old girl who is attending a major university hasn’t at least seen images like that before, probably in an on-campus art show or something. The movie seems to be set in 1955, but with cell phones and computers.
The unsexy nature of its smut is only highlighted by the fact that Christian shows Anastasia his ‘play room’ very early in the movie. We get a good look at floggers and restraints and whips and chains… and then they don’t get used for an hour. You could argue that this delay is in the service of a kind of teasing play between the film and the audience, but then you would demand some kind of skill from the film. Building tension is great, but showing off a dungeon and never really paying it off is true cruelty.
All of these implements of pleasure and pain are shot in the same overlit way as everything else in this movie; director Sam Taylor-Johnson approaches every scene with a flat lighting scheme that makes the movie look like a PG-13 body swap comedy from the early 00s. There are one or two sequences that look interesting, especially the Anastasia/Christian board room negotiation (the buttplug scene), but every other bit of this movie is boring looking. Even the sex scenes are shot and edited with what seems to be a generic Sexytime template.
Fifty Shades of Grey’s biggest sin is being incredibly boring; as the film grinds on in its last hour it becomes clear that nothing is going to happen and that Kelly Marcel’s awful, tin-eared script (seriously, this movie has some of the most atrocious dialogue committed to screen in years) is just going to run again and again over the same ground - Christian trying to get Anastasia to sign his contract, Anastasia trying to understand why Christian won’t snuggle with her. I’m sure this is faithful to EL James’ novel, and I’m sure that these lengthy sequences of the two standing around talking about sex come from James’ status as some kind of profound amateur outsider artist with absolutely no sense of drama or storytelling. The film’s intense commitment to being dull makes you long for vampires and werewolves; as bad as Twilight was at least it had these amusing trappings around the edges. Fifty Shades of Grey could have used some metaphor laid over its skeletal drama. Or it should have kept the course of the first act, embracing the incredible silliness of the terrible source material.
At least Johnson is good. If the movie ever gets near sexy it’s completely because of her; she can be silly and she can smolder, and she can go from one to the other in a heartbeat. She’s trapped in this franchise (I do not understand how there are going to be two more instalments of this shit), like Anastasia in some tricky rope, but I hope that this film serves as a launching pad for bigger and better things. She has so much natural life and humanity that she is even able to pierce through the grey fog of bullshit that is this movie.

Check it out at IMBD:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My tattoos to my Dutch fan :)

Heeey! This is especially for you :)

But the rest of them: What do you think about tattoos? I love them pretty much and I can't imagine my life without them. I know people say that a girl shouldn't wear tattoos but I' don't care about it.

Do you like them? Do you have any? Comment it :)

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey guys and girls! I wanna wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

How do you celebrate it? Comment it below :)

Kisses: Dorah

Friday, February 13, 2015

This is only for a fan from Norway :)

Hey my friend from Norway... I just wanted to show you what would happen if your teddy bear was such an insulting one  ;-)

Noooo, I'm just kidding guys! I'm a big fan of animals and I would never be able to hurt them!

Anyway... I'm just thinking and please let me know below. Are you a vegetarian or not? Do you think we should eat only vegetables and not meat? What do you think about it?

David Gordon - Mystery girl

Hey guys,

This time I would like to recommend you a great book by David Gordon! I'm really impressed and I'm glad that I've found it. Check it out!

Sam Kornberg starts his tale thus, in the great tradition of unreliable narrators before him. His wife Lala has left him; he’s unemployed, and his plotless novels are gathering dust. His only friends are MJ, his former employer who owned (and lost) a used bookstore and frequently went on poetry binges, and Milo, a former gay porn film projectionist who rents videos. Lala likes nice things, and novels without plots and failed bookstores certainly don’t provide for her. In an effort to impress her, Sam takes a job as an assistant to Solar Lonsky, a morbidly obese private eye who can’t leave his home.
Sam is tasked with following Ramona Doon, a beautiful young women with whom he becomes more and more intrigued. Yet he’s perplexed by his job. As he asks himself after observing Ramona one evening, “Was this what he sent me to learn? What mystery could it solve, what crime? Where was the victim, and who the criminal, besides me?”
Sam quickly finds the answer to that question, and as he is drawn deeper into Lonsky’s grip and Ramona’s spellbinding nature, Sam’s seemingly simple job becomes absurdly real, and Satanic rituals, porn, and doppelgangers confuse matters further.
Pulpy and raw, David Gordon’s writing is reminiscent of great noir while still retaining the shockingly real voice of a more modern fiction writer. Mystery Girl is an excellent exploration of a bumbling sad sack writer forced to transcend his own mediocrity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ready to go out

Hey guys!!!

I hope you're having a good evening! I'm going out with my friends and I just wanted to share my dress with you. I hope you like it. What kind of parties do you prefer? Let me know!!! Comment it below!


The Mentalist - better to know when to stop


Some television greats need to know when to stop

Have you ever met with a friend after many years apart, only to regret it within moments of sitting down? Have they changed? Or you? Or did you ever really have that much in common in the first place? That’s how I felt after I attempted to become reacquainted with The Mentalist.

For those who like their crime drama to be breezily formulaic and dependably easy viewing, this acme of US network fodder once ticked all the boxes. Simon Baker lathered on the lazy charisma in the role of Patrick Jane, the crime consultant who, with his preternatural analytical gifts, is one part clairvoyant, one part Sherlock Holmes. While he’d dazzle us with intellectual sleight of hand to reveal each week’s culprit, the episode would be spiced up with his banter with colleagues, especially the amusingly fractious exchanges with his boss, agent Teresa Lisbon. 

Fast-forward to now and I’m asking myself what I ever saw in Jane and his friends. As The Mentalist creaks into its seventh season, the writers have gone down the fatal path of ignoring the old edict, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Suddenly, Jane and Lisbon are an item – yeuch – even if they are trying to keep their romance a secret. You might as well pair up Holmes and Watson in a thoroughly modern marriage. Still, I’m tempted to give it a go again next week. You never know, The Mentalist and me: we just might rekindle that old flame. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Have a good night

Hey guys! I just loooove this picture so I wanted to share it with you and wish you sweet dreams!

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XoXo: Dorah

Beautiful make-up with Dior

Hey girls! (or guys who are interested in it)

I've just tried out the new Dior's collcetion and I found these eyeshadow pallettes soooo amazing!!!

Have a loot at it and if you like it, then go to: to see more

Five tips for a better life and healthy skin

Would you like to have a clear and healthy sking? Then check out this tips.

1. Cleanse

Doing a cleanse or a detox is a great way to start cleaning up your system and your skin. Try a 3-day green smoothie cleanse, taking some spirulina or chlorophyll to purify your blood and minimize skin reactions.
Getting lots of water and fiber is really important during your cleanse – and all the time, really – to help flush triggers and toxins out of your system faster.
Cleansing Foods
Mildly pungent and bitter foods help to clean toxins from the liver, giving them less of a chance to cause acne. Try to incorporate them into meals on a regular basis.
  • Beets
  • Onions (all types)
  • Celery
  • Asparagus
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Turnips
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Alfalfa
  • Bitter greens, like watercress, radish, dandelion and mustard greens
  • Quinoa
  • Citrus peel
  • Spices: ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cumin
  • Herbs: basil, bay leaves, marjoram, dill, rosemary

2. Skin-Nourishing Foods

Beta-carotene is one of the most important nutrients for healthy skin. Eating lots of beta-carotene-rich foods (yellow and green vegetables and fruit) helps nourish and strengthen your skin, making it less prone to breakouts.
  • Carrots
  • Winter squash and pumpkin
  • Dandelion greens
  • Beet greens
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Collards
  • Swiss chard
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Cantaloupe
  • Mango
Essential fatty acids (EFA) are another super-important skin nutrient. Although bad fats can trigger acne, good fats are crucial for healthy skin.
  • Nuts and seeds, especially ground flax or chia seeds
  • Avocados
  • EFA supplements (oils or capsules)

3. Eliminate Common Triggers

There are some things that show up really often as triggers for acne. They might not be a trigger for you, but it doesn’t hurt to try eliminating them to know for sure. Finding your trigger – the root cause – is really one of the most important acne diet tips.
  • Rancid and trans fats (e.g. refined oils, fried foods, processed foods)
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy foods
  • Dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk, etc)
  • Chemically processed and refined foods
  • Alcohol
  • Soda
  • Cigarette smoke

4. Eliminate Sugars

Acne is sometimes called ‘diabetes of the skin’ because it’s so closely linked with sugar. Refined (white) sugar is especially bad, so avoid the obvious like candies, chocolate, ice cream, cookies and muffins. Almost any sweet treat you buy in a store or restaurant is made with white sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup.
Also be on the lookout for hidden sources of sugar – like milk (both vegan and dairy – especially flavored ones), juice, ketchup, salad dressing and other processed foods.
I know this one can be really tough to put into practice. But just look at it as eliminating sugar for a set period of time – 2 weeks, or 3 if you can handle it. See if it has any positive effects on your skin. Have some fruit when your sweet tooth kicks in, and stay strong by thinking of the clear skin you can have.

5. Supplements

Sometimes a skin issue is an outward symptom of a deficiency of a certain nutrient. The most important nutrients for your skin are the antioxidants – vitamins A, C, E, zinc and selenium. Getting more of these than are in a multivitamin can really help. 

How to pick up a girl - part VIII.

8- Don't lie

Always be honest about your intentions, although not blunt. Use euphemisms; instead of coming out and saying, "I'm seeing other women at the same time as you." Instead, put it this way: "I really like that you're a fun person, because that's what I need right now — somebody to just have a good, casual time with."

You've been clear about your intentions, so she can't feel misled. And if you say this fairly early on, you've taken control by setting the tone. After that, there's no "talk" that needs to happen, unless things seem to be developing more amorously than planned.

How to pick up a girl - part VII.

7- Use negative hits

You might use a compliment in your initial contact, but that should be it for a while. After that, mix in a few negative hits, especially if she's good-looking (which, if you're hitting on her, she must be, right?), just to keep her honest and her ego in check.

For example, "I guess you're trying to join the (insert celebrity name here) club when it comes to hairstyles. I've seen a lot of women with a similar style, but I must say it suits you a lot better than most."

Note that a negative hit is not the same thing as an insult. It ends on a somewhat positive note, but lets her know you're no pushover. After you've piqued her interest this way, you may permit yourself one showstopper compliment to let her know what you think. But if you start adoring her, she will feel she can take or leave you. Don't over-compliment — it'll kill your chances.

How to pick up a girl - part VI.

6- Know when to cut your losses

She might not be looking for a quick fix, for example. This will be revealed in your 15-minute test. If a woman doesn't pass that test, graciously bow out of the conversation and don't feel bad about it. You also need to know how to identify which women to avoid.

Beyond that, attractive women are usually spoken for so don't waste time: Establish whether or not a woman is single early on in your pickup. It doesn't have to be awkward, but can instead be quite easily turned into a question about interests, e.g. "I really like to get away for weekends to (insert beautiful/romantic spot near you). Do you ever do that kind of thing?"

The goal here is that if she does have a boyfriend and doesn't want to falsely lead you on, she will suggest the information that she has a boyfriend.

How to pick up a girl - part V.

5- Give them the 15-minute test

It may take you longer at first, but eventually you should be able to tell in about that time whether a woman is a) interested in you, and b) up for casual sex. Reading body language will help answer part a, and the degree of her buying signals plus other information you exchange will give you an answer to b.

You might think that you could be writing off potential babes by judging too quickly. But bear in mind that it takes a certain combination of factors — interest in you, right mind-set, no boyfriend (or no fidelity) — to find a woman to suit your needs. Once you start getting good at steering your struck-up conversations through these various topics without being too blunt, it should take about 15 minutes to get a good impression of your chances with the woman in front of you either now or on your next date.

But how, specifically, will you know? Only practice will tell.

How to pick up a girl - part IV.

4- Read her body language

There are many different signs and subtleties depending on the situation. Just remember that, like you, if she fidgets or taps things, she's nervous in an uncomfortable — i.e. potentially uninterested — way. If she licks her lips (consciously or not), runs her hands through or shakes out her hair, or, one of my favorites, plays with her earlobe, she's sending you buying signals.

What about smiling? It's good, right?

Well, only the right kind of smile. If she shows her teeth and laughs openly, you're on the right track. If, on the other hand, she doesn't show teeth, or she looks away when she smiles, she's probably just being polite, possibly because you're boring her.

How to pick up a girl - part III.

3- Don't fear rejection

What do you have to lose by being turned down? A little pride, and after it happens a few times (because nobody bats 1,000), not even that. Suck it up. If you go into a pickup fearing rejection, that's what you'll project, and that's what you'll get. Be less attached to the result. Imagine that you're just approaching this woman to have a conversation, not to bang her. If it goes further than conversation, consider it a bonus. A warm smile and a few quick jokes will show your best side, and warm her up to you that much quicker.

But remember: If a woman is considering you as a sexual partner — which is what you want — what you say is probably not as important as how you say it, including tone of voice and, of course, body language. Project confidence by looking into her eyes and standing or sitting upright, with your shoulders back rather than hunched. Don't let your voice go up an octave, which is common to all people when they're nervous. Make your gestures slow and deliberate, like James Bond, not fast and fidgety like Pee Wee Herman. Bear in mind that confidence deters rejection.

How to pick up a girl - part II.

2- Don't use pickup lines

Pickup lines smell bad and make women groan, not moan. Let the situation dictate your approach. To seem — and actually be — spontaneous, commenting on something she's wearing or has been doing can work.
For example, "I was just noticing how well your shoes show off your calves, and although I'm sure you're already aware of this, sometimes it's nice to get outside confirmation." If you choose to comment on something she's been doing, make it positive, such as "You guys sure seem to be having a good time," rather than, "I've noticed you've been twirling your ice with your swizzle stick for 15 minutes now." No stalker talk.

Anticipate her possible reactions and how you will follow up to put your mind at ease. You will get much faster at this with practice. And have some open-ended ("how" and "why") questions ready. Remember: Most people consider the best conversationalists the best listeners.

How to pick up a girl - part I.

1- Always be mentally ready to pick up

There are attractive women all around us — at the supermarket or waiting on you at a clothing store, in line at the bank, on the street... So... why don't you try to pick up a girl where you are at the moment? Maybe you would be successful.

But remember: Girls don't expect to be hit on as they go about their daily lives, and, therefore, they are that much more flattered when it happens.

Most often, just strike up a conversation while waiting in a store, based on what's going on around us. You could comment on the wait ("I hope there's a meal at the end of this line"), what she's chosen to buy ("Huh, I looked at that but passed it up. Have I made a mistake?"), or anything, really. It could be on the street, too. The point is, you have a few moments to notice a hot woman, then look around, think of a clever line and deliver it in your most confident manner.

But approaching strangers is, in itself, a little nerve-wracking, let alone hot women. A good way to improve your skills is by starting casual small talk with random people — both men and women whom you're not necessarily attracted to. Then you won't feel the pressure of impressing them. If you're already pretty comfortable chatting, then next time you see a woman you like on the street you can approach her without being nervous.