Friday, March 6, 2015

Last night's dream

Hey guys!

First of all, good morning to all! I hope you had sweet dreams. I also had a dream and I just wanted to share it with you. I hope somebody can tell me what it means or what I should do with it.

So, here it is. Last night, my best friend wanted to laugh so we went online and I don't know how but in the end, we ended up on an adult site where we saw some pictures about amateur couples. Then, somehow we found my pictures with my ex-boyfriend in a pretty emberassing situation. It was not a normal "play", it was... well... 50 shades of grey is just a tale for kids, comparing to this picture.

Then he asked me why I agreed to take these pictures and I couldn't answer him. But he wasn't surprised and as I could see... he really liked the picture.

What do you think guys? Does it mean anything? Does it mean that he likes me as a girl? Because I've never liked him as a boy, he's just my friend. Shall I tell him my dream? What should I do? Tell me.

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PS: I wanted to share this one with you :) (it's not from my dream, haha)